Since 1995, Galaxynet s.a., a web development company in New York, Melbourne and Athens, has started to operate on the Internet in Greece, offering complete solutions for expanding and developing your business on the Internet.

In Galaxynet started as a website company and today, in response to the market needs and the new developments in the field of the Internet, it is developing and implementing new technologies and complete Internet marketing solutions for companies around Greece.

Galaxynet has organized departments specialized in e-travel and web marketing and through the experience acquired from the management one of the biggest tourism guide in Greece, for several years and the successful offering of complete web marketing services to a large number of hotel and tourism businesses, our web development company in Athens stands as the most complete solution for your company’s needs for growth on the Internet.

Then we created a platform through which the user can look for the right professional for his home.

The building is owned by our company.

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